17 Jul 2020

Changes to Drop Off and Pickup Locations

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Dear Parents,


In line with the carpark changes that have taken place at NWPS during the holidays, the NWOOSH drop off and pick up location will be changing from Term 3. These procedures take into account the continued guidelines recommending parents remain off school site. 


Before School Care

To drop off your child at Before School Care, you will now meet a NWOOSH educator at the main NWPS pedestrian gate on Dartford Rd, adjacent to the new awning (bus shelter).  You will sign your child in here, and they will then either be escorted to OOSH by a NWOOSH educator (until approx. 8am) or they will be radioed to make their way to NWOOSH while being supervised by a NWOOSH educatorEducators will be stationed here for drop off between 7am and 8:35am.  


After School Care

To pick up your child from After School Care, please phone the centre approx. 5mins before arrival so we can have your child gather their belongings and move to the pickup location. Between 2:50pm and 4:30pm, a NWOOSH educator will be waiting at the main NWPS pedestrian gate on Dartford Rd, adjacent to the new awning (bus shelter), for you to sign your child out.  After 4:30pm, you can drive into the school carpark, and a NWOOSH educator will be waiting at the green OOSH gate where pickup and drop off is currently occurring.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the centre.

Kind Regards

Roslyn Doyle


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