NWOOSH Professional Expectations / Code of Conduct

At NWOOSH we recognise our staff Professional Expectations are important to our NWOOSH Community as a whole.  These Professional Expectations / Code of Conduct has been reviewed by our staff team, and informed by the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics.  We welcome your feedback


1.  Professional Expectations / NWOOSH Code of Conduct

Normanhurst West OSHC has an expectation that each staff member perform their duties at all times in a professional, courteous and diligent manner.


1.1  Punctuality

It is expected that whilst employed by Normanhurst West OSHC, staff are timely in all aspects of their role. It is imperative that staff are on time to shifts to ensure the smooth running of the Centre. If an unforeseeable situation arises where a staff member is going to be late to a shift, it is required that they contact the Centre Director as soon as possible.


1.2  Teamwork

It is essential that a mature and positive approach to team work is undertaken for Normanhurst West OSHC to operate effectively.


Effective teams support the achievement of common goals for improving the quality of care and education at the service. When staff function well as a team, they are respectful and supportive of each other. Positive staff relationships are crucial in creating an environment where children feel safe, secure and happy. Teamwork is also essential for building positive relationships with families.


Individuals within a team do not have to think the same way. However, they do need to respect each other’s values, skills and experiences.


Effective teamwork contributes to stability in child care services by improving the self esteem, job satisfaction and morale of staff and can reduce stress. It is also crucial to achieving goals and accomplishing tasks.


I agree to:

  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • Share responsibilities
  • Seek to find common ideas and values
  • Be dedicated to solving problems
  • Respect diverse viewpoints
  • A commitment to working towards common goals
  • If you find yourself in a situation where you do not feel comfortable voicing your opinion, direct your feelings to the Coordinator for further assistance
  • Use constructive processes to address differences of opinion in order to negotiate shared perspectives and actions
  • Implement strategies that support and mentor colleagues to make positive contributions to the profession.


1.3  Dress Code

As an employee of Normanhurst West OSHC, it is required that you wear the Normanhurst West OSHC uniform consisting of a polo shirt, hat and jacket (when required) to all shifts. Fully enclosed shoes (i.e. sneaker style) must be worn to all shifts and shorts/pants must be knee length or longer, in accordance with Sun Safe and Workplace Health and Safety policies.


1.4  Staff Breaks

In accordance with the Children’s Services Award 2010, staff are entitled to a fifteen minute paid rest break when working for 4 hours continuously. After working for more than five continuous hours, staff are entitled to a 30 minute unpaid meal break. If staff are working for less than six hours they are able to forego this break however must take a 30 minute unpaid meal break if working for more than six hours. At Normanhurst West OSHC, the Educators have made a decision to forego meal breaks if working 6hrs or less.  IF you would like to elect to have your meal break, please advise the Director ASAP.  If staff work 7 hours or more in a day continuously, they are entitled to a second fifteen minute paid rest break.


1.5  Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol

In no circumstance will it be acceptable for any staff member to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Normanhurst West Public School is a Non Smoking area, with signs clearly displayed. This must be adhered too.  In line with professional standards, it is expected staff will not smoke, or consume drugs or alcohol whilst wearing the NWOOSH uniform.


1.6  Phone Calls/Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are to be left in the office in the staff area/storeroom during shift hours, unless you are at Certified Supervisor Level or above. It is understood that from time to time a phone call may need to be taken during a work shift. In this case, the Director should be informed and alternate arrangements will be made. Personal phone calls, unless urgent, taking of photos of children or staff on personal devices, and interactions with social media are not acceptable during work hours


1.7  Staff Meetings

Staff meetings provide an opportunity for the Director or Parent Committee to raise any issues and discuss any changes. It is also a chance for staff to raise any concerns and have queries answered. It is a requirement of employment that the best effort is made to attend these meetings, and at the very least, 1 meeting per term.  It is the staff members responsibility to ensure the minutes from all missed meetings are read, and questions are raised with the appraisal leader.

Staff meetings will be held 3 times each Term in weeks 2, 6 and 10.  Meetings in week 2 and 10 are held on Tuesday mornings from 9-11am at Bunker Café.  Meetings held in week 6 are held of a Monday evening from 6:30-8:30pm at the centre.


1.8  Communication

It is expected that all staff communicate with children, parents and other staff members in a respectful and professional manner. Appropriate language should be used at all times and consciousness of appropriate conversation topics should be kept in mind.

I agree to:

  • Collaborate with children as global citizens in learning about our shared responsibilities to the environment and humanity.
  • Value the relationship between children and their families and enhance these relationships through my practice.
  • Respect the families right to privacy and maintain confidentiality at all times.


1.9  Tasks

Staff will ensure that they carry out the required tasks and duties on each shift at the Centre as per their job descriptions, contracts and relevant checklists.