Our Team


Our team of staff at Normanhurst West OSHC are highly dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate about working with children. The staff aim to create a fun, nurturing and safe environment for the children at the centre and each have various qualifications in the Childcare field.

Nominated Supervisor / Centre Director: Sarah Breden

Educational Leader: Tessa Yanco

Assistant Director: Blake Jervis



Child Care Educators:

  • Angus Lu
  • Brynn Driver
  • Janetta Byrne
  • Karina Bryan
  • Kaitlin Pauly
  • Madhura Sabanayagam
  • Max Hoek
  • Miles Wood
  • Nick White
  • Nilesh Nadanapatham



Our P&C NW OOSH Sub-Committee are dedicated to assisting our educators & management team in bringing about high quality care for the children who attend Normanhurst West OSHC.

If you would like to join the Sub-Committee please contact the Centre to learn more about the next committee meeting.

Haydn Belshaw – OOSH Sub-Committee – Convenor

James Keevy – OOSH Sub-Committee – Bookkeeper

Simon Lawry – OOSH Sub-Committee – Scribe


Jennifer Bright – P&C President

Josiah Firth – P&C Secretary

Rish Adlaka – P&C Treasurer

Lisa Lehepuu – P&C Executive (Uniform Rep)

Qiwen LinP&C Executive (Canteen Rep)