17 Nov 2021

Dr Justin Coulson: Happy Families Webinar

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What’s the Best Parenting Style?




Tuesday 23 November

8pm AEDT | Check my timezone

Recording available to all who register
for 1 week after the event


When we think about parenting, science isn’t often something that comes to mind. Parenting is usually a skill we build by riding the highs and lows and doing our best to make sure our children grow up as healthy and happy as they can. But that’s not the whole story. Decades ago, behavioural researchers identified several parenting styles, each with pros and cons… and each ultimately a less effective way of raising kids.

Except one.

Despite the conversation, debate, and opinions thrown around, this “gold standard” has stood the test of time and science to stand out as the ideal style to raise children. Children who have parents using the style become more resilient, sociable, and caring people. Parents grow as much as their children. Family life becomes better for everyone.

Join me as I dissect different parenting styles, go through my blueprint for better parenting, including the science behind it, and more importantly, how to use it in your family.

Together we’ll cover:

  • Each style under the microscope, and how to identify which is currently yours
  • A closer look at the blueprint and why it works so well
  • Behaviour “gaps” that when filled, lift your parenting to a new level
  • 3 things the best parents all do to raise resilient, confident, and caring kids
  • How to use this parenting style for yourself, starting right now!


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