Our SKOOSH club is a program specially designed for our senior, year 4,5 & 6, children.

Each term our SKOOSH Club children take part in daily activities during before and after school care that are programmed just for them!
They take part in awesome activities like pizza parties and crazy craft, as well as excursions to local parks, local Cafe’s for a milkshake and the Brickpit for fun in the park and in the sports centre.

The program extends into Vacation Care with special incursion and excursion activities booked in designed for the senior children.
The program changes each term with our educators designing activities based on feedback from the SMASH children and their families.

Don’t forget both the child and Parent need to sign the Right and Responsibilities Contract 2018

Term 4 2018 Program

Please click here to download the SKOOSH program and permission form

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(don’t forget to sign and return the excursion permission form!)